Our Mission

Our mission at D’Leon Consulting Engineers (DLCE) is to execute solutions to our customers’ most challenging and complex infrastructure projects. As a small and disadvantaged local business (SBE/DBE) in Los Angeles, we do this by applying dedicated and professional services to cities, transit agencies, State agencies, the Federal government, and private sector firms for the development and delivery of transit, streets and highways, airports, buildings, educational facilities, water distribution and energy. Diversity in our company focuses on the ability to provide clients with more imaginative and effective solutions. Our track record proves our experience and performance.


Rail & Transit

Through years of expertise and understanding, we provide clients with exceptional engineering and design services.


From highways and major corridors, to local streets and roads, we have participated in major projects with local, state and federal agencies.


We ensure buildings are conceived to withstand the stresses and strains of live and dead loads, weather and seismic events. We aim for safe, latest seismic, safety, structural socially responsible designs.

Water & Utilities

We specialize in delivering solutions for aging water infrastructure, preserve and protect ground water, and provide engineering solutions for complex water infrastructure projects.


Our long expertise in aviation puts us a step ahead of the competition, allowing us to effectively design and manage terminals and airside/landslide projects.



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